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Department profile

The Department of Professional and Language Communication (from its foundation in 2008 until December 31, 2013 functioning under its original name - the Department of English Language) is a dynamically developing workplace with various activities that specifically contribute to form the profile of graduates of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and to humanisation of science education.

The department staff consists of two full-time teachers: Mgr. Helena Zárubová and Mgr. Juraj Miština, PhD. Besides teaching, they are involved in research projects, publishing activities, and participate in professional events at home and abroad. The Department organises specialised language courses and takes part in the activities of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The Department of Professional Language Communication provides ESP (English for SpecificPurposes) language training for the students of bachelor and doctoral study programmes.

Bachelor studies:
Applied Informatics– full-time and part-time study.
Compulsory subjects: English for Informatics I, II, III, IV - Seminar.
Biotechnologies– full-time study.
Compulsory subjects: English for Science I, II, III, IV.
Chemistry– full-time study.
Compulsory subjects: English for Science I, II, III, IV.
Applied Biology– full-time study.
Compulsory subject: English for Science I.
Elective subjects: English for Science II, III, IV.

Doctoral studies:
Applied Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry – full-time and part-time study.
Compulsory subject: Professional English Language.
Molecular Biology - full-time and part-time study.
Elective subject:  Professional English Language.

Educational aims and objectives:
  • The aims and content of the teaching-learning process are based on the needs analysis carried out among students, as well as on the requirements of the target professional environment. The students can employ their knowledge of professional English in the study of specific subjects, following the current trends and developments in the chosen discipline, and in their later professional life.
  • The course content, teaching methods and materials have been continuously advanced and updated to reflect the social and professional needs and the requirements of European and global labour markets.
  • The teaching-learning process is focused on ESP, authentic assignments and combination of integrated skills, including the elements supporting student’s autonomy and creativity within a project learning method. It develops social and professional communication competences (soft skills) in the spirit of political correctness, social culture and professional ethics.
  • Applying the vision of communicative competences of the graduates in a broader professional, cultural, social and ethical context that oversteps the framework of purely linguistic education, the Department of Professional Language Communication aims to promote student mobility, the spread of scientific and technical progress and understanding in a multicultural Europe and world.
Department Structure

Acting Head of Department:
Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Juraj Miština, PhD.

Department Staff:
Mgr. Catherine Siska
Mgr. Helena Zárubová





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